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Started in 2002, following a church plant initiative started at the council church by Pastor Everton A. Ennis. The project was then took off on a special sabbath service preached by world renowned evangelist Pastor E. E. Cleveland and a Crusade "Dimension of Praise" by Pastor Dr. Everton A. Ennis.  With new baptisms from the crusades and a handful of  family members coming from California, the new congregation was organized as a mission on September 14, 2002.  The Council church remained their mother church. Doctor Richard Berry was the first elder.  On November 2003, the conference organized the mission into a full church.

After a couple years of transitions with no home, the new growing church would then acquired a 13 acres of property of land on which they would build a 13,000 square foot school and church building. The church would be in the auditorium.  The construction began on January 23, 2005 . At the completion of the project, a Grand Opening ceremony of the Praise Tabernacle SDA Church occurred  on December 16, 2006. 

Since then the school church has been growing strong and continuing to live out its mission in changing the world for good for Christ. 

Our Church is still in the gymnasium as our sanctuary is not yet built. Our hope is to be able to move the worship place into its own building and repair the gymnasium to serve the various needs of our school and the community at large as we seek to involve with the community through physical education classes, after school activities, sports team practices and games, and rentals to local
organizations. We seek your continued prayers and supports to see this vision become a reality.